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Are you ready for Project BOO-ty?
I built this program to help you grow your BOOty through 30 minute workouts, 5 days a week. This program is comprised of Barre, Pilates, and a few full-body workouts that will leave you sweating with little to no equipment. And in just one month, you will feel the BOO-ty gains!

Kicking off: Monday, October 3rd, 2022!!

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What are the workouts like?
The workouts are 30 minutes long, and are Pilates-studio classes with floor pilates and barre you can do with a chair or countertop! Every workout also targets toning your BOOty. For 5 days a week over the next month, you’ll see how intentional movements can help get your BOOty popping!

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Tools & Equipment:
- Getting started guide (Included)
- Calendar (Included)
- Nutrition Guide (Included)
- Resistance bands
- Light weights (3-5lbs)
*There are always no-equipment modifications!


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Must be 18+ and located in the US, UK, Canada, or France.


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