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Hey! If you are here then you must be interested in my virtual fitness community!


My name is Alysha, and I am the founder of the RIZE Virtual Fitness Community. (Real Intentions, Zero Excuses)


I am partnered with Beachbody so all of the workouts I provide are professionally made. I work really hard to provide a fun and safe environment for my clients (women only) to be held accountable for their workouts without requiring you to always buy something from me unlike many Beachbody coaches do. There is an app provided for logging workouts, talking about struggles, and to cheer each other on. I do frequent recognitions, updates, along with hosting challenges and opportunities to earn prizes. There is also a group chat where I send out morning quotes/affirmations and we get to know each other outside of fitness.


"Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first; it means me too."

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The Workout Program I Am Currently Following!

I will be starting Beachbody's LIIFT MORE program on August 15th!


Postpartum/ Pregnancy Specific

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Need assistance figuring out what will be best for you?

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